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Trailers and containers on the stylized retro car represents only a small part of our offer. Below is a list of our sites where you can read the rest of our offer.


Przyczepy handlowe We have a wide range of different products for trade, transport and exposure of your products. We serve clients who want to receive personalized product. All our products are made ​​according to customer's requirements.


Catering trailers Bodex sell you an idea of your own business: catering trailer, commercial, trading, or cart for hot corn and hot-dogs. We exist in the market since 1982. The experience gained through almost 30 years makes on the stage of production, we can prepare our equipment to work in various often very specific, difficult conditions. For production we use high quality materials, parts, equipment. Because of that our products operate without an emergency for a long time, a allowing you to grow your business.


Przyczepy gastronomiczne For the production of trailers we use the highest quality products such as steel, aluminum sheet used in poszuciu 1mm, varnishes SIKENS car and commercial vehicle, in any RAL color The best parts (axle, tow bar, hitch, brake inertia, support) from "KNOTT" floor made of plywood, covered with industrial carpeting the color of furniture, exterior and interior trim made ​​beznitową technology, which clearly affects the aesthetic Standard commercial trailer can be in 2 types of interior depending on the products to be sold, the whole sheet steel, brightened, grade H-17, all aluminum sheet, painted


Hot dog cart Bodex Company was established in 1982. The vast experience and extensive contacts abroad, allow for the provision of services at the highest level. Offered trailers, containers and equipment are made in accordance with the directives of the European Union (TÜV, CE), as well as with the applicable standards of the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw NIH. Catering trailers, containers, commercial, building retro, shopping carts, bicycles trade stands have all the necessary certificates and approvals. Commercial trailers, catering, commercial containers, catering trolleys, bike sales, trade stands, trailers and containers in a retro style, cabinetry for Piaggio.


Producent przyczep As the only producer in Poland, we make a trailer for contractors from Germany, Holand, Belgium, Austria, Canada. Catering trailers are offered for sale: fish, chicken, hot dogs, pancakes, ice cream, shish kebabs, gyros, bread, cakes or fruits. They are made of steel closed profiles. Sheathing with aluminum plates 1 mm, externally painted in any color from the palette RAL. Components (axle and hitch) produce by Knott Company. Floor made of plywood covered with a waterproof-lined furniture industries in color. We produce trailers by non-rivets technology, which clearly improves the aesthetics of them.


Boiled corn As the only one producer in Poland, we offer you a cart to sell hot corn and hot dogs at the same time.


Hot dog Cart is made from high quality materials: stainless steel: OH18N9, H17. Produced by our company commercial, catering carts, hot dog carts are fully equipped and prepared to sell hot dogs, additives and beverages. American hot dog, hot dog cart for sale sausages, mobile American cart, American hot dog carts, hot dog cart, cart to sell hot sausages, roasted onions, cucumber and easy profits, this is what you need.


Hot dog Catering cart for sale Hot Dog. In Bodex Company you will finished your search and find out that low price has not been redeemed mediocre quality of the equipment. We perform our services quickly, expertly, professionally and at a reasonable price. It is worth to stay with us, because as a regular customer you'll have even more. Carts are made from high quality materials - stainless steel: OH18N9, H17. Commercial and catering carts are fully equipped and prepared to sell hot dogs and drinks, and additives. Hot dog cart for it: ease of maneuvering and driving, safe to use and adapt to the catering field, one-year warranty.


Przyczepy gastronomiczne We are the only official representative of Poland's Neumärker. In our offer we have all the equipment and accessories manufactured beverage. Neumärker Company is a guarantee of high quality equipment.


Pawilony handlowe As the only company in Poland, we offer modular trade pavilions. Robust design and high quality materials ensure long-term reliability. Another advantage is the ease of our containers in the transportation and positioning at the target site.


... Catering conversions on the tricycle Piaggio is a mobile, convenient and modern way to sell hot dogs, hot/boiled corn, coffee, ice cream, etc. Piaggio Motorcycle with catering conversion is an ideal solution wherever counts fast access to the client, in stadiums, concert , festivals, sea and lake. If you're looking for a novel idea for your own business, the offer is for YOU!


... Produced by our company, Commercial trailers are an excellent solution for advertising their products. In the trailer we can install any equipment, shelving, furniture and other items that will improve the comfort of the presentation of products. Thanks to our trailers do not have to take out expensive exhibition stands, which are usually one-time use. The trailer will carry you all the materials you will need for the presentation of products. You can mount TVs, projectors, or other multimedia devices.